Authors talk about their stories from the Cryptids Anthology (including me)

Author Gregory L. Norris has gathered comments from various other writers who appeared in David Kramer’s anthology ‘From the Corner of Your Eye” (see post below). Each talks a little about how they came to their story, or a little further information, which is helpful if you’re not familiar with the cryptid they chose. Check out what we said  on his website.


“River Twice” appears in From the Corner of Your Eye: A Cryptids Anthology

Cryptid_frontcover_smallCryptids are those unverified creatures that wander the shadows that yet remain in our shrinking world. Sometimes they turn out to be real–an unusually fashioned wolf turns out to be a new species, or a large predator feline escapes from a collector or zoo far from its natural habitat to amaze and frighten the locals. Most, though, remain unverified: Bigfoot, the New Jersey Devil, melonheads, that thing my neighbor swears is his daughter, the Ice Worm and Nessie, rougarous, and selkies.

For this anthology I played around with several to see which gelled. None of my aswang (insane vampire from the Philippines) ideas really came to anything, but I began to have a lot of fun with kappas. As with a lot of Japanese yokai, they are both unsettling and eccentric.

A kappa yanks a man's soul out through his butt, apparently appalling even a ghost that eats corpses. From:
A kappa yanks a man’s soul out through his butt, apparently appalling even a ghost that eats corpses. Check out more about kappas and other yokai at the site this pic comes from.

Besides my tale, there are a lot of really good stories in here, and it’s fun to try guessing which cryptid the story is about. Some of my favorites were: Dark Waters by T. Fox Dunham, Visibility by Gregory L. Norris, Stone Baby Blues by David Kramer, The Beast of London by David Smith & Violet Anderson, Scare Quotes by Jeremiah Murphy (silly fun!), and Rourgarou by B. David Spicer.

For more information on the book, you can check out the publisher’s page.

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